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16.4. Links corrected
22.7. added TVShow
22.7. added StTV
22.12. added first info on CoolFM
Someone was faster... geändert: 20020224
... than me. While I still was collecting information about the subject topic, Clemens Lanthaler completed what I planned to do.
Find his WarpTV Hints and Tips (there is - at least currently - only a german version of this page) on his pages
As the description is (currently?) restricted to Carsten Tenbrinks Cinema/2 application, I still consider adding more information here about other TV applications under OS/2.
One of these alternatives is from Stefan Milcke, who recently also took the time to port the Linux drivers for bttv-based TV cards. Stefans programs can be found on his home page.

Other TV Applications geändert: 20020224
StTV by Stefan Milcke
...more to follow...

FM Radio under OS/2 geändert: 20040416 recently pointed to CoolFM for OS/2 from the Russian Team OS/2. I still plan to test, whether this program works with my Hauppage TV/Radio card. If it does, I will report my experiences, if not, I will report that fact as well.

TVShow - another project from Russia geändert: 20020722
There is now another project from Kiev dealing with TV under OS/2: TVShow, a program for BT878-based TV cards.

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